Eat My Haiku

Month: March, 2012

Winter sleet. Bald headed

wrinkles. Alone on the dark

road. Look, a penny !


The vacant canvas

scrutinizes my wrinkles;

I ponder its wholeness.

With somber remorse,

a fox conceals his shadowing

of the hare’s children.

The confused hermit

forgave the spring sunflower

for winter’s closing.

Late winter blues, the

fledgling cardinal arises,

sips his latte : “ahhhhh……”

Hibernating tree,

soak up the rains and invite

your leaves, its spring-time !

Eat my haiku please.

Not only for sustenance,

but for enjoyment.

Turquoise dragonfly

quietly contemplates peace

amongst granite stones

Spring snow-banks melt into

the freshwater stream while young

trout feed on larva

Full moon luminates

picnic tables as friends share

joy among each other

Cruel winter tears

form icicles of depression

on a tiny man’s beard