Eat My Haiku

Month: May, 2012


Frazzled squirrel stopped short,

wide eyes on me – grimy toes

amidst blades of grass.


thank you

You freed me from the

shackles of depression that

enveloped my mind.


I’ve been crying for

two weeks straight, except tuesday.

I re-hydrated.


We gave love, concern,

companionship, and our hearts.

You left me teary-eyed.

before you can live

With soft lips, warmth and

compassion, she said : first you

acquire hope. Then live.

Smiling at Oak Trees


Poised Oak Trees preserved

in winter icicles, hang

over the lagoon.


The ice croaks and croons.

A boy’s steel blades dance with the

tune, charming the beast.


He dreams a subdued

crowd, agape, attentive, and

he smiles at Oak Trees.

consign your breath

Consign your breath with

care; a severed heart calls for

oxygen, not bread.


Esteemed bicycle,

send me swiftly to the Rocky

Mountains and tundras.

my dirty room

Clothes all over my floor,

Clothes blocking my door.

Clothes dirty and clean,

Clothes don’t always gleam.


Dirty shirts with stains,

Dirty pants with no brains.

Clean laundry smellin’ so good.

Clean my laundry? Maybe I should.


Hungry, anemic clouds,

so distant, gray, and sweeping.

He weeps for his lover.

she’s not coming back

I watch every car

pass, although I know none will

be my lost lover.

discerning need

A frightened child, to proud to hold his mother’s hand,

aspires to be a big boy, yet he needs her love,

for compassion when sick or lonely, to accept

when he’s done wrong, for comfort when tormented.


Capriciousness causes sharp pains to those we love;

through distasteful tears, we lose their love, the warmth

and acceptance we desire. An image portrayed that is merely filth

and excrement: a facade repressing the truth that we do need others.


My denial of need is a hurricane destroying its path,

including its own seas. Part of my brain thinks ‘need’ makes me weak,

but I am wrong. I need people that love me in my life, and

I need others to love and hold when they are hurting.


I need to accept the love given to me, gift wrapped

with care and sympathy, to walk this earth proudly

as part of a loving community.


~Discovering who I am as an individual with emotions~



A spring morning sun

and glossy beach under foot,

he ponders spirits.


He breathes her solely.

Her fears are comforted, as

now he tastes her ghosts.


His thoughts move toward

her happiness and hunger

to be loved, needed.


Glimpsing her ruin

she see’s blood – pain is solace

and she’s whole again.


I don’t walk my dog

in twilight because I fear

mischievous skunks.


The word – tourette’s – is a curse.

I’m scared of the word, I abhor it, I

just can’t bring  ~~~~ myself to acceptance.

I shelter my tics under clothing,

yet my tics are me.

They hide in alleyway’s,


coffee shops,

taunting me,

forcing me to twitch

whenever its  ~~~~



dispel please

Depression leave me!

You have taken a torrent

and left only tears.



I cry when alone,

Afraid of myself, empty,

if nobody loves me.


Spite towards myself,

depression takes hold, and I’m

scared of my own thoughts.


I chase peace, forever

searching for acceptance and

love, but defeated.


My fears heighten my

anxiety. Its now, here,

that I confront them.

only cinders remain

I could see the door into your room, hoping,

praying, wishing it would bloom.

The door opened twice, exposing only cinder,

and the impression of our heartbreak and madness.