discerning need

by M Nv

A frightened child, to proud to hold his mother’s hand,

aspires to be a big boy, yet he needs her love,

for compassion when sick or lonely, to accept

when he’s done wrong, for comfort when tormented.


Capriciousness causes sharp pains to those we love;

through distasteful tears, we lose their love, the warmth

and acceptance we desire. An image portrayed that is merely filth

and excrement: a facade repressing the truth that we do need others.


My denial of need is a hurricane destroying its path,

including its own seas. Part of my brain thinks ‘need’ makes me weak,

but I am wrong. I need people that love me in my life, and

I need others to love and hold when they are hurting.


I need to accept the love given to me, gift wrapped

with care and sympathy, to walk this earth proudly

as part of a loving community.


~Discovering who I am as an individual with emotions~