by M Nv

The past is so short (When will you leave me in your past?)

Our  lips graze gently:  thin, soft, and intimately together.

I held your naked body tightly, for protection from my fears,

my belly against your back, my (now) placid penis comforted by your ass,

my leg wrapped around your hip, my arm held you tight, close, and didnt’ want to let you go.

I felt the contours of your face and body with my fingertips:

the paper thin lips, the cute chubby cheeks, your nipples and squishy breasts.


the present is fleeting (How long until you are no longer with me? You did? when?)

I am not prepared, as I was with other women. I always knew I’d

leave them some day. But, by you, I am blinded by dreams of your happiness.

I expected there would be more. With others I knew of an end.


and the future so far away 

where are you?