I don’t trust my nitrogen molecule

by M Nv

My thoughts are like a molecule of nitrogen.

It might spend some time in the soil,

and then be converted to a snails chitin,

or it might float around aimlessly in the atmosphere.

I’m not sure where I will find my little ephemeral buddy,

or what it will even look like. In fact, I don’t even depend

on him having any form at all; I simply know that he exists.


I don’t trust my nitrogen molecule. He sometimes tells me he is going to Florida,

but then makes a beeline for California, concealing himself as jet fuel.

Once, he called me from jail, telling me he needed to get bailed out.

But that was also a lie.  To know the truth of  my nitrogen molecule,

I need to catch him when his guard is down, and bring him to my favorite

analytical chemist to test his conformation. But even then, he may just swim away,

and escape in a new and unrecognized form.