Eat My Haiku

Month: July, 2012


Manipulations of poetry

truthful proclamations

shredding the papers,

false impressions become villainess.

Forgiveness can be given,

tear stains on my chest

can’t be removed with a pink pet eraser-

my entrails cringe at the image of your lies.


rock river III

The river whispered to me

circled me till I believed it –

I handed it the rope in the dark

leaving my jeans on a picnic table

I stepped into the cool, dark, river

my skin was pleased with the water

the current took me away from my clothes

I drowned in its wheel of misfortune.

iced mocha

Summer evening, iced-mocha

silent lovers share dessert –

they speak loudly with hands

white bear

please forgive my race

white bear of the ice –

my tears are no consolation

noble bees

single drops and a drip,

sweet-orange slices rain down my chin,

bee’s return from the honeycomb trip

haiku doesn’t pay

Haiku doesn’t pay –

I guess I’ll seek nourishment

at the soup kitchen

a walk of solace

A meditation walk,
a walk of remembrance,
a walk of solace.

She reaches for her husbands hand,
for his quiet comfort.
A hint of light blue in the east,
arctic lights to the north,
sheets of purple frolic over brilliant greens,
like silk flags billowing in the wind,
above the frozen canopy of the mountain pines.

She pauses under the somber light show,
thinks about Grape flavored Laffy Taffy,
how her sons mouth would turn purple,
green alien figurines that made him laugh.
She remembers the first turquoise dragonfly,
mounted in his bug collection, caught along this trail,
this meditation walk, this very walk of healing.
She remembers his nose scrunching up at buttery green peas,
but how he loved split pea soup.

Her husband holds her chubby, reddening cheeks
in his soft hands, wipes her eyes
with his thumbs, and kisses her cold forehead.
She takes a deep breath and falls to her knees
on the snow-covered trail.

smiles n’ giggles n’ love

mint infused brownies
chocolate smidgen below my eye
smiles n’ giggles n’ love

the (for)giving tree

The forgiveness tree
is treacherous to climb –
wholesome treehouse

Tell me how …

Tell me how god created man and beast,

how he created grass and trees and yeast.


Tell me how the spirit of the wind created

tornado’s, air currents, and breezes that are timid.


Tell me how buddha sought inner peace,

begged for food, and attained nirvana piece by piece.


Tell me how Zeus reigned over the Greeks,

married Hera, and tossed thunderbolt streaks.


Tell me how Vishnu can manifest as any animal form,

ready to help and be kind to others, even if by storm.


Tell me about the evolution of genetics,

how it grew and changed into T-rex.


Tell me all the facts that you know to be true,

for I know nothing about the creation of life and earth.


under my willow tree

My Willow Tree, Rock River, Wisconsin


Coffee house

coffee shop

basement dwelling

sans the mouse.

stacks of books

library shelves:



Basho and Hughes

mentor me, my spirit.

alone, maybe lonely,

maybe not, I don’t know,

but the poet, the poet, the poet

needs space to think



where do you write,

when its time to write,

to be a poet,


with no spite?

I need a place

I love to write.

I claim that to be

under a willow tree.

oh, wait, there

I ponder life

why am I?

So why do I visit the

willow tree,

if it is not there

that I write?

 it is there

I become a poet,

with meaning

my life,

and the color white.

The Rock River II.

I may smell of catfish,

but at least I’m soapy clean –

Bathing in the Rock River

watery coffee

serving watery coffee

green apron, ketchup stains, n’ goo –

cougar on my knee

the rock river

The depth of the rocky river is not imporant. Whether shallow or deep, it simply wants to share its existence, with me, with the weeping willow I sit beneath, with the scaly carp that swims its waters. During spring, when snow melt is heavy, the river selflessly spreads its wealth to the nearby willows and oaks as it floods, it shares itself with the toads and salamanders that need its waters for egg laying. It is not the intelligence of the river that the trees care about, it is the extent to which the river loves its web that makes it so wonderful.

ode to unfettered …. because I just love the blog name :)

Within the maelstrom,

black-eyed by a desire to be loved,

she continually stifled my spirit.

Now she is gone, but I remain here,

unfettered, happy, and able to live.

fish fodder

An Oak Leaf floats down the river, wondering:

why did my limbs abandon me?

I provided them with life, energy,

sugars from my own cells,

I gave them everything I had to offer,

asking for nothing, but to be held.

But these waters, in return, give naught,

and soon my existence will succumb

and I will be merely fish fodder.

along the road

J-Dog and I (without you)

whimpering along the road –

a couple of sad bitches

on perspective

she asked, “what do you miss about hell?”

teeth clink like iced, steel cogs –

lonely and cloth-less on the tundra

play a game with me :)

Here is a game that a friend and I began a long time ago.. you randomly pick letters, and then use them as an acronym to write a poem…. i’ll call it acropoetry


here was some random letters I just happened to hit on the keyboard without looking: stuvwza



my poem:

savanna tigers usurp.

viable, wandering zebra’s aware.


anybody else want to play? lol

that makes me sad

she left me because I was depressed.

that makes me sad.