under my willow tree

by M Nv

My Willow Tree, Rock River, Wisconsin


Coffee house

coffee shop

basement dwelling

sans the mouse.

stacks of books

library shelves:



Basho and Hughes

mentor me, my spirit.

alone, maybe lonely,

maybe not, I don’t know,

but the poet, the poet, the poet

needs space to think



where do you write,

when its time to write,

to be a poet,


with no spite?

I need a place

I love to write.

I claim that to be

under a willow tree.

oh, wait, there

I ponder life

why am I?

So why do I visit the

willow tree,

if it is not there

that I write?

 it is there

I become a poet,

with meaning

my life,

and the color white.