a walk of solace

by M Nv

A meditation walk,
a walk of remembrance,
a walk of solace.

She reaches for her husbands hand,
for his quiet comfort.
A hint of light blue in the east,
arctic lights to the north,
sheets of purple frolic over brilliant greens,
like silk flags billowing in the wind,
above the frozen canopy of the mountain pines.

She pauses under the somber light show,
thinks about Grape flavored Laffy Taffy,
how her sons mouth would turn purple,
green alien figurines that made him laugh.
She remembers the first turquoise dragonfly,
mounted in his bug collection, caught along this trail,
this meditation walk, this very walk of healing.
She remembers his nose scrunching up at buttery green peas,
but how he loved split pea soup.

Her husband holds her chubby, reddening cheeks
in his soft hands, wipes her eyes
with his thumbs, and kisses her cold forehead.
She takes a deep breath and falls to her knees
on the snow-covered trail.